Midi Chord Pedal


MidiChordPedal is an electronic device made for one purpose: To give all musicians the opportunity to play live with a "chord escort".

As you know, that possibility existed just for Keyboard players……Until NOW!

MidiChordPedal (MCP) has 3 layers:

The 1st layer (on top) gives us all minor and diminished chords.

The 2nd layer (in the middle) gives us all major and major 7th chords.

The 3rd layer (at the bottom) is divided into two sections (left and right) which enable us to play Ethnic music in the easiest and simplest way.

Now, at last, with Midi Chord Pedal every musician can play LIVE & sound like a"one man band", too !!!! "

IMPORTANT: Midi Chord Pedal is a MIDI controller which must be connected to a keyboard or laptop which already has a music program with different styles.

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